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From cartoon to photo-real...
Examples and production strategies for TV commercials in Italy.

Speaking about JustEleven's commercial, some technical and artistic choices will be illustrated presently used for the production of "Omino bianco 100" series (arrived this year to its third episode), "Rio Mare per Pasta" and
"UHU". This products result from the various final customer's needs and I wood underline some technical informations of production. These works have been made using full trhee-dimentional animations or mixed techniques (live action/3d animation) and adopting different solutions suitable to the deadlines and to the available budget.
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Diego Viezzoli

I'm 30 years old, graduated in Industrial Design in 1999. I've started my experience in Computer Graphic with a professional training organized by my faculty.
I've worked for 6 years within a company and then I started to work as a free-lance. Thanks to my patience and persistence I had the chance to have a high and fast professional growth, having a part in some of the most important advertizing CG production in Italy.
After such precious experiences, my present collegues and I decided to put our skill together and give birth to JustEleven Animation.
Since than, we've been working hard to make our company bigger and stronger.
During the past years I've performed several charges: modeling, lighting and rendering, but my main skill is "Character TD" that is the creation of all the controls that allow a character to be moved and animated.



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2007 VIEW'S

Pixar Animation Studios:
Director of Photography


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